The Best Star Wars Merchandise

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

If you’re like us and you love Star Wars, you’re bound to find some absolute must have merch to celebrate May the 4th.

As it’s one of the most popular movie sagas ever, there’s countless products available for Star Wars fans of all ages, but don’t worry, we here at Blow My Budget have spent most of the Galactic Standard year trawling the internet so you don’t have to. 

We have compiled a list of the best Star Wars merchandise money can buy, from Stormtrooper decanters to Darth Vader Bluetooth Speakers, and everything in between.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

May the force be with you while eating your favourite dish. These lightsaber chopsticks will take your dinner parties to another galaxy. These chopsabers are a great gift for any die hard star wars fans out there.

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Yoda Bookend

Keep your sacred Jedi texts safe and organized with a little help from Master Yoda himself. Place the vertical partition on the inside of the first book to hide it and make it appear as if Yoda is using the force to support the books.

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Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker

Hear the power of the Dark Side with the Darth Vader bluetooth speaker. By using the power of force bond (bluetooth 4.2), you can pair 2 speakers together for a sound experience that would make emperor palpatine proud.

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Star Wars Funko Pop

Decorate your X-wing cockpit (work desk) with these Star Wars Funko Pop collectibles. Whether you're a jedi in training or you've succumbed to the power of the dark side, you're bound to find the right characters for you.

from $8.99
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Lego Millennium Falcon

The Lego Millennium Falcon set is one of the biggest Lego sets ever. It has over 7,500 pieces to painstakingly assemble, which will probably take you longer to finish than it took the Millennium Falcon to finish the Kessel run.

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Mandalorian Helmet

Unleash your revolutionary spirit with the Mandalorian Helmet. This replica helmet is made of high-end PVC material with a metal-like coating. It’s designed to be lightweight so you won’t ever want to take it off.

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Star Wars Last Supper Canvas

The dark side will devour those who lack the power to control it. Add character to your room with this Star Wars the Last Supper canvas. Available in different sizes, this unique picture is sure to make your wall space stand out.

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Boba Fett Bike Helmet

Feel like a true bounty hunter with the Mandolorian armor style Boba Fett Bike Helmet. Utilising a Multi-directional impact protection system, this will keep you protected while riding or even in a Sarlacc pit.

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Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Start your day with the tastiest waffles in the galaxy with this Millennium Falcon waffle maker. The waffle maker has a non stick coating which means its as easy to remove waffles as it is to complete the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

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3D R2D2 Lamp

Let the force awaken with this 3D R2-D2 night light. Available in various different colors, it is the perfect accessory and decoration for all you star wars fanatics out there. Let it help you stear clear of the dark side.

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The Mandalorian Cereal

The Mandalorian breakfast cereal, perfect for your baby Yodas. They're fruity and contain marshmallows so they are much tastier than live frog like creatures and bone broth. This pack contains two 1lb boxes.

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Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers

I find your lack of seasoning disturbing! Bring your dishes to the darkside with these Salt & Pepper shakers. These are officially licensed Star Wars products made from ceramic so you’ll struggle to break these with a force grip.

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Baby Yoda Costume

The cuteness is strong with this one. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda costume will allow your toddler to feel the force. Included is a long sleeve robe with attached hand covers and a headpiece with large pointy ears.

From $21.91
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Star Wars Kama Sutra

The extremely unofficial and highly unauthorized Star Wars kama sutra special edition. This hilarious book of star wars figurines in various sexual positions has everything you need to satisfy your Boba Fettish.

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Star Wars Buddha Statues

Add some intergalactic enlightenment to any room with these star wars buddha statues. The star wars buddha statues are 3D printed and can be 4" or 6" tall. There's 5 iconic characters to choose from including Yoda and Darth Vader.

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Shakespeare's Star Wars

Skywalker, Skywalker! Wherefore art thou Skywalker? Experience the Star Wars saga reimagined with the writing style of William Shakespeare. This series of books is an absolute must have for any Star Wars fan.

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Star Wars Rolling Pin

If you want to make the best cookies in the galaxy, you need this Star Wars embossed rolling pin. The rolling pin has precise laser engravings of all your favorite Star Wars characters from the original movie trilogy.

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Baby Yoda Bauble

Add some precious cargo to your tree with the Baby Yoda bauble. The Force is strong with this little one as its ears and arms move when you pull the string. The Mandalorian Christmas ornament is the ideal gift for all Star Wars enthusiasts.

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Star Wars Playing Cards

Feel the power of the Dark Side with the Star Wars Dark Side playing cards. The officially licensed cards are made in America from sustainable forests and feature some of the most iconic characters from the movie saga.

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Star Wars Vinyl Clock

The force will be with you, always, with this Star Wars vinyl clock. The clock is made from a used 12" vinyl record and features some of the most iconic scenes from the original (and arguably the best) star wars trilogy.

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Autographed Han Solo Blaster

Complete your star wars collection with this autographed Han Solo blaster. This rare Star Wars blaster is autographed by Harrison Ford. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a tamper-evident hologram.

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Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

Brighten up your desk and keep the Dark side away with the millennium falcon desk lamp. This officially licensed millennium falcon desk lamp is roughly 23" (60cm) tall and it comes with a 3 meter long USB cable.

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Death Star Cheeseboard

That's no moon ... it's a cheeseboard! The death star cheeseboard is made from sustainable rubberwood and swivels open to reveal 4 full tang cheese tools. Included is a plain, curved knife, spreader and a knife for hard cheeses.

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X Wing Knife Block Set

Use the force next time you cook with the X wing knife block set. This cool X wing knife block set comes with 5 stainless steel knives with chrome covered handles. This knife block contains a chef, carving and paring knives.

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Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Keep yourself warm on those cold nights on the frozen wastelands of Hoth with this full size Tauntaun sleeping bag. The Tauntaun's head is a built-in pillow, the inside has an intestine design and the zipper is a lightsaber.

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Darksaber Blade

Brandish one of the most ancient weapons in the galaxy with this Darksaber blade. The Star Wars replica is made out of ½” thick clear acrylic plastic and will take on whatever color your saber hilt LED is. Blade only, hilt is not included.

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Star Wars Mens Wedding Ring

Join the Jedi Order Rebel Alliance on your wedding day with this Star Wars mens wedding ring. It is custom made out of Tungsten Carbide, an extremely scratch resistant metal which is known for its durability.

From $154.99
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Baby Yoda Pipe

Inhale the force with this 5" Baby Yoda Pipe. One hit from the Jedi master will send you to the depths of Dagobah, so you too can escape the wrath of the Imperial forces. A must have for any die hard fans of The Mandalorian.

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Star Wars Bath Robe

Only a Sith deals in absolutes, but you can be absolutely sure you'll look like a Jedi Master with this Star Wars bath robe. The bath robe looks just like the one worn by Obi-wan Kenobi. It's extremely soft and even has 2 pockets.

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Luke Skywalker Helmet

Experience realistic battle simulation to prepare you for a battle with the empire. This full scale replica of Luke Skywalker's helmet has realistic sound effects. Choose between sounds from either the battle of Yavin or Hoth.

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Star Wars Silicone Molds

Make the best Star Wars gifts and treats in the galaxy with these Star Wars silicone molds. They're safe for use at temperatures up to 440°F so they're perfect for making candles, chocolates, jello and bath bombs.

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Death Star Fire Pit

Han Solo once said that you “never seem to have a Death Star lying around when you need one.” Well now you can! The 5ft Death Star fire pit is custom made with recycled steel bars and metals, making each build a one of a kind!

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Darth Vader Porch Light Cover

I find your lack of outside light disturbing. Show your neighbors your allegiance to the dark side by placing this on your porch light. This officially licensed 14.5" tall porch light decoration is made from weather resistant plastic.

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Stormtrooper Decanter

Keep your alcohol fresh with the Stormtrooper decanter. They're made from super flint glass and have an intricate design based on the original stormtrooper helmet designed in 1976. It will hold 750ml of your favorite liquor.

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Star Wars Grinder Set

You don't know the power of the dark side, but now you can with the 5 piece Star Wars weed grinder set. The set includes a Darth Vader weed grinder, a stormtrooper pipe, 2 weed containers and an odor concealing carry case.

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That concludes our list of the best Star Wars products in the galaxy, but fear not young Jedi for there are still countless products available.

We have left no stone unturned to provide you with the inspiration you need to build on your Star Wars collection. It's time to feel the force surround you by donning some of this unique Star Wars merchandise.

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