Gift for Kids

Supercar Beds

Turbo charge your kid's bedroom decor with these super car beds. The beds are made with steel and plush upholstery so they are durable and luxurious. It features working headlights, 4 real car sounds and a remote controller.

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Batman Bat Signal Projector

Summon the caped crusader in your time of need with this Batman Bat Signal projector. The projector is 14" tall and the light swivels so you can aim it where you want. The included ground stake makes it suitable for outdoor use.

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Giant Solar Balloon

This gigantic 50-Foot Solar Balloon is a highly interactive and exciting way to keep your child engaged in the great outdoors. It is the perfect way to introduce and teach your child about the Bernoullis and Pascal Principles.

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Stretch Armstrong Toy

Stretch Armstrong is a toy made of a rubber-like material that children can stretch up to 4x its size. Stretch him, yank him and tie him in knots. When you let him go, he will utilize his super strength to transform back into his original shape.

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Super Mario Kids Headphones

Power up your kids audio experience with these officially licensed Super Mario kids headphones. The headphones feature Mario bros artwork and the parental volume controller app ensures your little ones ears are protected.

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Question Block Egg Cup

Start your day the Italian plumber way with this Super Mario question block egg cup. The egg cup comes with a toast cutter to make 4 Mario themed shapes, a super mushroom, a Yoshi egg, a super star and a Koopa Troopa shell.

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Wireless Whale Mouse

Liven up your children's study space with this adorable wireless whale mouse. This cute and colorful whale mouse will help your kids float through homework or study time when it's sink or swim and guide them to calmer waters.

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Disney Lumiere Lamp

Enjoy a romantic meal with your well groomed beast in the glow of this Lumiere lamp. Whether you're having Beef ragoune, cheese soufflé or pie and pudding en flambé you can enjoy a culinary cabaret like a Disney princess.

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Pop Up Animal Hooks

Keep your office or room organized with these adorable pop up animal hooks. The animals pop up when an item is hung, and retreat when it's removed. They're easy to install and come in multiple colors with different animals.

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