Make a Wish Necklace

Make your loved ones wish come true with the make a wish necklace! It features a 20" long silver zinc alloy necklace chain and a solid glass pendant containing a real dandelion seed. Just be sure to keep your wish to yourself.

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Metal Hogwarts Model Kit

Build your own scale model of a snow covered Hogwarts with this metal Hogwarts model kit. The model kit doesn't require any glue, but with 305 pieces and a difficulty of 9/10, it will require some patience (or Wizardry).

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Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

Claim victory in the Triwizard Tournament with the Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp. This officially licensed Harry Potter shining cup will add a magical touch and provide the perfect ambient lighting to any room in the house.

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Poké Ball Waffle Maker

You gotta cook 'em all with this PokeBall Waffle Maker. It lets you effortlessly make 7” Poké Ball waffles within a matter of minutes. It’s time to eat like a true Pokemon master and have the breakfast you need to be the very best.

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Harry Potter Pinata

Make your kids' birthday magic with the Harry Potter Pinata. Fill it up with chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees, and exploding bon bons, and allow them to taste the most famous and delightful candies from the wizarding world.

From $41.00
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SpyraTwo Water Gun

Dominate every water fight with the SpyraTwo water gun. It fires a short blast of water each time you pull the trigger. When empty, insert the tip into water, pull the trigger and it will automatically refill in 10 seconds.

from $174.99
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Loch Ness Monster Bookmark

Pick up where you left off with this Loch Ness monster bookmark. The bookmark's non-slip design won't tear pages or damage your book and it makes reading more fun for kids. The Nessie bookmark comes in a variety of colors.

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Baseball Glove Chair & Ottoman

Never drop a fly ball again with the Baseball Glove Chair & Baseball Ottoman. The swivel glove chair has a sleek brown finish, is 32.5” round by 27.5” high and is perfect for any young baseball fan dreaming of the major leagues.

From $485.00
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Home Sweet Home Doormat

Bring back some childhood nostalgia with the Pokemon Home Sweet Home Doormat. The retro Pokemon doormat has a Game Boy graphics design with a polyester felt face and is available in both day and night settings.

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