8ft Animated Scarecrow Pumpkin

There is nothing scarier than a 8ft giant animated scarecrow pumpkin presiding over your patch. The scarecrow features an exposed chest cavity, an oversized pumpkin head and a step pad that activates its glowing eyes.

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Animated Death Row Prisoner

Shock your halloween guest with the 5ft animated death row prisoner. The inmate is dressed in a bloody jumpsuit and when the decoration senses motion it begins to violently flail around, letting out an excruciating scream.

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LED Cyberpunk Visor

Feel like you're living in 3021 with this cool LED cyberpunk visor. The LED cyberpunk visor comes with 6 LED color options and features a futuristic, laser etched design. The visor also has padding so its comfortable to wear.

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Zombie Grave Food Picks

Turn your brownies into spooky little grave cakes with these zombie grave food picks. The zombie grave food picks are a cute way to decorate your Halloween treats. The pack includes 6 zombies and 6 graves.

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Bloodstained Window Boards

Keep the waves of zombies or trick or treaters at bay with these bloodstained window boards. These bloodstained window boards are big enough to barricade most home windows and use double-sided tape to stick to your windows.

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Squid Game Masks

Masks are essential for Halloween, just like they are in the Netflix series, Squid Game. Choose between five different mask styles including the guards in the pink jumpsuits (triangle, circle or square) and the mysterious Front Man.

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Jason Mask Planter

Add a touch of evil to any desk or room with this Jason mask planter. The ceramic Jason mask planter is 7" tall and comes with faux plant and rock inside. The ideal decoration for any horror movie fan or secret killer.

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Inflatable Zombie Baby

Give your neighbors a scare by letting this 4ft inflatable zombie baby crawl about your front yard this Halloween. This hideous-looking, long fanged baby zombie is dressed in a camouflage diaper and comes with LED lights built inside.

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Halloween Wine Glass Charms

Decorate your wine glass this Halloween with these cute wine glass charms. The Halloween wine glass charms are attached to silver plated rings measuring 2cm in diameter. There's 5 in each pack so you have one for everybody.

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